England confident, but who the hell thought the 1970’s is a good fancy dress theme?

Big hair and flares do not a party atmosphere make. 70′s disco? Even the music isn’t that great. Some of the fans we’ve seen so far look like crap stag-do’s on their way to a Flare’s nightclub in some hellish provincial town. The whole affair seems like a massive cop-out, especially since the Rugby Punk team had their Merry Pranksters outfits taken off them and their LSD stash ‘destroyed’.

(Editor’s note: We know that Ken Kesey and his merry band of fools was the 1960s, which is kind of our point. We didn’t really have any LSD. Honest.)

Back to the tournament in hand: At the press launch earlier this week, England head coach Ben Ryan spoke of the frustrations of the last eight rounds and his hopes to entertain the expectant home crowd. Only Fiji or The Blackness can win the Series now, but Ryan hopes his boys will deliver off the back of a strong performance at Glasgow in the last round:

“I guess we put down a major marker of how determined we are to play this way by our approach in extra-time in the semi-final against Fiji.

“..We left disappointed but also quietly pleased now we know that our style is bedded in and as more games are played the confidence will grow and we will improve more and more.”

England have called newbie Jeff Williams and former captain Andy Vilk into their squad for the two days of action at HQ in front what is hoped to be a combined crowd of over 100,000.


HSBC Sevens World Series standings (top six):
1. New Zealand 150pts
2. Fiji 139
3. England 123
4. South Africa 115
5. Samoa 114
6. Australia 99
7. Wales 83
8. Argentina 77

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